Dr. Shelley Stoffels

Associate Professor of Civil Engineering


Doctor of Engineering, Texas A&M University, 1987
Master of Science, Civil Engr., Texas A&M University, 1986
Bachelor of Science, Civil Engr., Texas A&M University, 1983


Dr. Shelley M. Stoffels, P.E. has over 20 years of pavement engineering experience. She is currently an Associate Professor in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department at the Pennsylvania State University, and a research associate at the Pennsylvania Transportation Institute. Since joining the University in 1988, she has served as principal or co-principal investigator on projects in the areas of pavement design, materials and management, and also teaches upper-division courses in those areas. Dr. Stoffels has continued interests in the performance and design of both rigid and flexible pavements, with emphasis on optimizing the cost effectiveness of materials and construction methods. For rigid pavements, she has conducted and supervised research on joint rehabilitation, joint movement and joint seal design. She is currently co-principal investigator of a 5-year project for the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation involving the in-situ instrumentation of as-constructed flexible pavement cross-sections utilizing Superpave, and the subsequent analysis and use of the data for calibration validation of Superpave performance and pavement structural designs. Dr. Stoffels has also conducted research on nondestructive testing, maintenance intensity and effectiveness, pavement design implementation, environmentally-friendly maintenance, and horseshoe impacts on pavements. Dr. Stoffels is currently conducting research on the controlling and assessing the impacts of pavement condition data variability. She has recently completed consulting evaluating the cost-effectiveness of higher-quality aggregates, and an evaluation of life-cycle cost and utility evaluation of pavements in the AURORA 2000 software for the FHWA. Dr. Stoffels has served as a member of the TRB ETG on LTPP Distress and Profile Data Collection and Analysis since 1995, and currently chairs the TRB ETG on LTPP Database Development and Operations. She has also served on the TRB Committees on Pavement Maintenance, Flexible Pavement Construction and Rehabilitation, and Rigid Pavement Design. She has been a member of the slab design and dense base teams for PENNDOT’s Concrete Pavement Task Force.

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