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HMA 101 // November 7-8, 2017 in State College, PA

Provided by the Asphalt Institute

Certification Categories

All course information - online registration, paper applications, course materials, and agenda - is available at the links below. The relevant PennDOT publication is listed below each certification category.

Aggregate Technician

PennDOT Publication 725

Bituminous Field Technician

PennDOT Publication 351

Bituminous Plant Level 1 Technician

PennDOT Publication 351

Bituminous Plant Level 2 Technician

PennDOT Publication 351

Concrete Field Testing Technician

PennDOT Publication 536

General Information

Course Close-Outs

All courses are closed out 10 business days prior to the course date. Any registrations received after this point will not be accepted. This allows up enough time to prepare course materials and other arrangements. 

Certification Renewals for Bituminous

Important - Attendance to an Annual Update/Refresher course does not automatically grant an individual a new certification card. If an individual is set to expire during 2017, he/she will need to be registered for a new card is a separate transaction. Links and paper applications for certification card renewals are provided under each certification category's page. This applies to Bituminous Field, Plant Level 1, and Plant Level 2 technicians.

If an individual will be attending an Update/Refresher course and would like to receive his/her new card upon completing the class, the individual must register for the card before the 10-day close out period for the course. 

Registration Options

There are two options to register for courses and new certification cards:

  1. Register online and pay by credit card. (Visa and MasterCard are currently accepted)
  2. Complete the paper application and send it to NECEPT with a check or money order. Please make the check or money order payable to Pennsylvania State University

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